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Welcome to upcoming IndieWeb events, listing indieweb-related events, and events with indieweb sessions!. For other meanings of "event", see:


Future events will be posted on!

Feel free to add any indieweb-related events, free or paid, whole camps/conferences, or even individual IndieWeb related talks at conferences.

How To Add An Event

To add an event to the IndieWeb Events Listing:

  1. Log in to the wiki
  2. Visit and click "Add an Event"
  3. Complete the required information, adding as much detail about the event as possible

In addition:

  • For conferences with IndieWeb talks, or related meetups like
    1. Clone an existing event page for a conference (e.g. Beyond Tellerrand)
    2. Edit the event name, dates & times, venue location
    3. Remove inapplicable content like tags, description, etc
    4. Edit as necessary, and save!
  • For Homebrew Website Club (HWC) events:
    1. Ensure you've added the hwc tag to the event
    2. Make sure you RSVP to the event you're (co-)organizing, by either clicking the "I'm Going" button or posting an indie RSVP
    3. Ideally also:
      • Create an indie event on your own site for the HWC for your city, ideally with invitations to people that have previously participated.
      • POSSE that indie event to one or more applicable event silos/commons of your choice (e.g. Calagator, Facebook)
      • Add those URLs to the section for your city
      • Be sure to have Bridgy or some other backfeed setup to receive RSVPs from the silo copy/copies to your indie event.
      • Invite folks on the silo/silos you POSSEd to, to the POSSE copy/copies.

Previous steps that have been automated or are no longer necessary!

  • Update Main_Page with the new event
  • Update the IRC /topic (or ask an admin) to link to that next HWC (assuming that is the next one)
    • Unnecessary because the /topic now always links to next-hwc!
  • Update the Sidebar text (or ask an admin to do so) with the list of cities
    • Unnecessary because we have stopped listing the HWC cities in the sidebar

Don't see an IndieWeb event near you? Plan one and add it to!
Jump on IRC, find folks near you, and plan an IndieWeb event/drinkup/dinner/meetup/hackathon/camp together.

More IndieWebCamp events are also being planned!

Want to help out with one of those? Say something in IRC and add yourself to the event page.

Add events to your calendar

Subscribe to current and future indie web related events, e.g. in Apple iCal, or Evolution:

See also:


Past indie web related events and related photos, blog posts, etc.

Past Years

Events current201920182017201620152014201320122011


Main article: IndieWebCamps
2020 OnlineAustin LondonWest (Online)Pop-upsMore being planned for 2020!
2019 AustinOnlineNew HavenBerlinDüsseldorfUtrecht9th IndieWeb Summit (Portland)AmsterdamOxfordNYCBrightonBerlin2SF
2018 BaltimoreDüsseldorf8th IndieWeb Summit (Portland)SFOxfordNYCNürnbergBerlin
2017 BellinghamDüsseldorfNürnberg7th IndieWeb Summit (Portland)IstanbulNYCBerlinAustin
2016 NYCMITNürnbergDüsseldorf6th IndieWeb Summit (Portland)NYC2BrightonLA (Santa Monica)BerlinMIT2
2015 Cambridge MAGermany (Düsseldorf)Portland&Brighton (5th Summit) • EdinburghMITSF
2014 SFNYCPortland/NYC/Berlin (4th Summit)UK (Brighton)Cambridge MAOnline
2013 Portland (3rd Summit)UK (Brighton)Hollywood
2012 Portland (2nd Summit)UK (Brighton)
2011 Portland (Summit)

Homebrew Website Club meetups

Homebrew Website Club
Events are listed on as of 2020-01
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2018 12-2612-12&1111-28&2711-14&11-1310-3110-17&1610-10&0910-0309-19&1809-0508-2208-0808-0107-2507-1107-0406-2706-1305-30&2905-2305-16&1505-02&0104-1804-1104-1004-0403-2703-2103-1403-0702-21&2002-1402-07&0601-24&2301-11&10&09
2017 12-2712-14&13&1211-30&2911-2211-16&1511-0110-19&1810-05&0409-21&2009-1309-07&0608-2308-1508-09&0808-0207-26&2507-12&1106-2806-2006-1406-07&0605-3105-1705-1005-0304-2604-1904-1204-0503-2203-0803-02&0102-2202-1402-0801-2501-11
2016 12-2812-2112-1412-0711-3011-2311-1611-0911-0210-2610-1910-0509-2109-1409-0708-2408-1708-1007-2707-1307-0606-2906-1506-0806-0105-2505-1805-1105-0404-2704-2004-1204-0603-2303-0902-2402-10&0902-0201-2701-13
2015 12-3012-1612-0812-02&0111-2411-18&1711-1011-04&0310-21&2010-1310-07&0609-24&2309-1709-10&0909-0308-27&2608-2008-13&1207-2907-1507-0106-1706-0305-2005-0604-2204-0803-2503-1102-2502-1102-07-ko01-2801-14
2014 12-1712-0311-1911-0510-2210-0810-05-par09-2409-1008-2708-1307-3007-1607-0206-1806-0405-2105-0704-2304-0903-2603-1903-1202-2602-1201-2901-15
2013 12-1812-0411-20


Why do we use this page for events?

Some of the benefits of using the wiki for events include:

  • There is no fixed template for events, so we are able to add new sections to the event page as needed
  • The layout of event pages has evolved over time as our needs have changed


Main article: Organizers#Events_Issues


Main article: Organizers#Events_Brainstorming

We need to make section or link to the how-to organize events from the events page. I would make a sidebar section for events and put Organize an Event there as well or just add it above sponsor

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