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This Week in the IndieWeb is a weekly digest of activities of the IndieWeb community. It contains recent and upcoming events, posts from IndieNews, and a summary of wiki edits, sent out Fridays at 2pm Pacific time.

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How to Subscribe

You can subscribe via email here:

Or by subscribing to the h-feed or RSS feed in your reader.


The digest currently contains:

  • This week's past events, with photo
  • Upcoming events in the next two months
  • Podcast episodes on Huffduffer tagged #indieweb added this week
  • Posts on added this week IndieNews
  • New user pages created
  • A summary of all new and changed wiki articles


Marty McGuire has created a podcast version of the newsletter.


Archives of previous newsletters can be found below.

How to

How to add events to the newsletter

The newsletter gets the list of upcoming and past events from Make sure the event has a name and start date. Photos from the event will also be included, so you can either upload photos directly to the event page, or post them on your site as a reply to the event URL and send a webmention!

How to add blog posts to the newsletter

You can add any post to the newsletter by submitting it to IndieNews! You can submit your own posts by adding a u-syndication URL, or you can submit other people's posts by bookmarking them on your site. Full details are available here:

How to add podcast episodes to the newsletter

You can add podcast episodes to the newsletter by posting them on Huffduffer and tagging them #indieweb. Any new podcasts added there this week will be included in the newsletter


This week's post is published on Fridays at 15:00 PDT

  • 20:30 PT Thursday: first draft generated e.g. 2017-07-27
  • ...
  • 14:30 PDT Friday: last preview draft generated and announced in IRC for previewing.
  • 14:50 PDT Friday: final post is generated
  • 15:00 PDT Friday: Mailchimp generates the email from the post on the server, and
    • sends it to all email subscribers, and
    • it is tweeted out from @indiewebcamp.


Other things you'd like to see in the weekly summary:

New features:

  • Mentioned pages: pages that have received webmentions this week (in descending order of # of mentions)
    • Perhaps combine somehow with recently edited wiki pages?
  • Active Projects
    • issues+commits to relevant source code repositories (, or possibly from a list of source repositories on the wiki, maybe all repos linked from Projects?)
  • IndieWeb tagged blog posts
    • new blog posts from community members (chat-names?) with p-category "indieweb"

Enhancements to existing features

  • use Census to retrieve h-cards for domains to use their icon and name instead of domain name, e.g.: from/to:


  • Suggest Loqi remind us once 12-24 hours earlier
    • make some sort of trigger that people can do in IRC that will make Loqi regenerate it after adding to it, otherwise it's like adding things to a black box

More ideas:


Why sent on Friday

Q: Why is "This week in indieweb" sent out on Friday and not on the weekend?

A: Midday Friday is a good day and time to send out "This week in indieweb" for a number of reasons:

  • Fridays tend to be slower (in terms of getting things done) so it makes sense to use that time to capture / reflect / broadcast what's been done the rest of the week.
  • Lunchtime (Pacific Timezone) on Friday seems like a good time where (many) people in the community may be available to make last minute edits for the weekly summary.
  • Friday seems a better day to send it out, especially since it also tweets a link to it, and Saturday evening seems like not the best time to have a tweet be seen.[1]
  • Sending it on Friday is also a good encouragement for folks (especially in Europe!) to take the (rest of the) evening off.

What photos are included in the tweet

Twitter allows either exactly 1 gif, or up to 4 photos to be included in a tweet.

If there are any gifs in the newsletter, the most recent one is included in the tweet.

If there are no gifs, then the most recent 4 photos are included.

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