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Climate and Health

Our Climate and Health Program strengthens local health response to climate change.

There is widespread agreement among climate scientists that the Earth’s climate is changing due to human activity.

Massachusetts leads the nation in supporting planning efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate impacts through legislation including the Global Warming Solution Act, our comprehensive Adaptation Planning report, Executive Orders, and on-going state agency initiatives.

Although the public health infrastructure in Massachusetts is relatively well-established, climate change is expected to increase resource burdens associated with changes in chemical exposure, sanitation, and infectious disease incidence.

DPH's Climate and Health Program focuses on supporting our local public health response to climate change. For more than a decade, our mission is to support local health departments and municipalities with technical assistance to help communities take actions that protect the public from the health effects of climate change.

For more information on climate change and health, please visit our Climate Change and Health Website below. You can also visit our Vulnerability Mapping Tool to explore climate and health vulnerability at the state, local, and neighborhood level.

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