Public Health Council (PHC)

The Public Health Council promulgates rules and regulations, holds public hearings, approves certain appointments and Determination of Need applications

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Department of Public Health
250 Washington St., 2nd Floor, Henry I. Bowditch Public Health Council Room, Boston, MA 02108


Secretary of the Council Torey.McNamara@MassMail.State.MA.US

About us

The Public Health Council, which was reconstituted in 2007 as part of Health Care Reform, has had an important role in public health since it was established by legislation in the 1800's. The PHC's responsibilities include:

  • Promulgation of most regulations
  • Approval of Determination of Need (DoN) applications
  • Advising the Department on major policy decisions, at the discretion of the Commissioner
  • Granting the Commissioner authority to take necessary actions to protect the public health upon a declaration of a public health emergency by the Governor

The PHC meets once a month at the Department of Public Health. Copies of materials presented to the Council are available by request from the Secretary of the Council.

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