Blue purple flowers in close focus with a bee pollinating the blossoms, behind them a bush of many more flowers, out of focus, and behind those, trees even more blurry.Stay 6 feet apart sign in the dirt field at the base of Corona Heights Park, the hill in the middle green from recent rains, bits of blue sky peaking through white clouds overhead.Overcast skies over a clear view of downtown San Francisco, and the East Bay in the distance, dirt steps descending in the foreground, green bushes on both sides, with a half-height rusting chain-link fence on the right.Yellow barricade across the North entrance to Twin Peaks, with a large sign posted in the middle of it saying CLOSED with additional details.Close-up of a sign stating CLOSED For COVID-19 (coronavirus) health precautions, translations in Chinese & Spanish, a big red circle with a white x in the middle, and below that a row of four icons of activities with checkmarks (white on green background) in their top right corners, for run, bike, hike, and enjoy nature, below those a small San Francisco Recreation & Parks logo.Tantek and Courtney smiling, more than six feet apart from each other, on top of the North Peak of Twin Peaks, with downtown San Francisco in the distance behind them.Open entrance gate to Kezar Stadium and track, themselves visible beyond the gates, a warning sign just to the left of the open gate.Close-up of a sign with three statements, each translated into Chinese, Spanish, and Filipino, stating “EXERCISE ALONE, NOT IN GROUPS”, “DON’T SHARE BALLS & EQUIPMENT”, and “PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING”, below those a small San Francisco Recreation & Parks logo.🐝🌳🏙⛰ Last day of March: spring flowers blooming at Buena Vista Park(1). Find the bee?

Ran to Corona Heights afterwards, nearly empty except for the 6 feet apart warning signs(2). Clear & crisp view of downtown, despite thick clouds overhead(3).

After a quick loop back and around Mount Olympus, ran across to Twin Peaks, where the barricade I saw the day before had a new CLOSED sign placed in front of it(4), detailing which activities were still allowed inside: run, bike, hike, enjoy nature(5).

Ran up to the top and found pal Courtney! I took a physically distancing selfie of us at the North peak(6) before we ran (always keeping our distance) up & over the South peak, mini third peak, and back down to Clayton street where we parted ways.

Decided to check out Kezar track, which also had a new warning sign at the entrance(7) with a different set of specific messages(8).

The track itself was nearly empty, calm & quiet under an overcast sky(9).

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