California golden poppies in full bloom on the side of a hill and receding into the distance, next to a street with cars parked on the other side of it, blurry from the distance.Light blue skies, low hanging scattered white gray clouds over East Bay hills in the distance, downtown San Francisco, and trees, green bushes, grass, & dirt paths of Corona Heights Park below, with a couple of large puddles from recent rains.Sign at Gus’s Community Market noting Store Hours and Policy Update effective March 19th, 2020, closing earlier at 8pm for sanitizing, and first hour at 7am exclusively for 60+ years old patrons, and Instacart.San Francisco Chronicle newspaper front page above the fold on March 19th, 2020.Wall Street Journal newspaper front page above the fold on March 19th, 2020.Financial Times newspaper front page above the fold on March 19th, 2020.Almond latte with white and brown swirls in a paper cup.March 19th, SF distancing day three. First run since my 50-miler. I had rested my legs, only brief walks for a few days, then longer walks, up & down hills. When that felt completely fine, I decided to try an easy run. First up to Buena Vista Park where the poppies were in full bloom(1), then over to Corona Heights Park, where the clean air provided very clear views of downtown San Francisco, and across the bay to Oakland too(2)!

Finished my run with a coffee from Haight Street Market, where they had just changed store hours to close earlier for sanitizing, and limited the first hour of opening to those 60+ years old and Instacart workers(3).

Scanning the newspapers while waiting for my coffee, the day’s headlines captured only a few concerns & fears(4,5,6).

As a visual palate cleanser after those headlines, here’s my almond latte in a paper cup(7), since they stopped serving in reusable cups two days ago (tantek.com/t5661).

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