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▶️ watched Arundhati Roy: “The Pandemic is a Portal” (95min) https://www.haymarketbooks.org/blogs/130-arundhati-roy-the-pandemic-is-a-portal published by @haymarketbooks hosted by @imaniperry.
Timely, highly recommended. #NoGoingBack #PandemicIsAPortal #NewPossible
Powerful words from Roy. A few quotes:

“This virus has worked liked an MRI or like an X-Ray on societies & countries and exposed their barebones and exposed ... almost in the same way that it seems to prey on people with other illnessess, people with co-morbidities, it is doing the same with societies, it is expanding & amplifying all the weaknesses, all the injustices, all the racisms, all the castisms.”

“Right now what's happening is that national authoritarianism is colluding with international disaster capitalism and data gatherers and they are preparing another world for us.”

“For me writing is thinking. I write to think. It is almost like talking to myself. Sometimes the only reason I write is in order to not lose my sanity.”

“A lot of people think that democracy equals elections. And this is the stupidest thing that has happened to us. Elections are just one part of it. Sometimes I just look at it as vote for the enemy that you want to have.”


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