🎂 This Week in the IndieWeb celebrates six years of weekly newsletters! 🎉

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This week (no pun intended), the IndieWeb community’s “This Week in the IndieWeb” turned 6!

First published on 2014-05-12, the newsletter started as a fully-automatically generated weekly summary of activity on the IndieWeb’s community wiki: a list of edited and new pages, followed by the full content of the new pages, and then the recent edit histories of pages changed that week.

Since then the Newsletter has grown to include photos from recent events, the list of upcoming events, recent posts about the IndieWeb syndicated to the IndieNews aggregator, new community members (and their User pages), and a greatly simplified design of new & changed pages.

You can subscribe to the newsletter via email, RSS, or h-feed in your favorite Reader.

This week we also celebrated:

See the Timeline page for more significant events in IndieWeb community history.