A month ago @moral_imagining, @solarpunk_girl asked us to write a #MoralImaginations continuation to The Impossible Train story.

* * *

Since the train stopped, we’ve seen so many odd, shocking, and inspiring things.

People outside their train cars protesting to be let back on to enjoy their window views and demanding their familiar entitlements served by others.

Tensions outside the train bringing rise to new & familiar tragedies, now more visible to all.

A pair of humans board a shiny new train to the sky, launch, and arrive at the sky station to much applause.

People from different train cars, witnessing tragedy on tragedy, declaring enough, band together in solidarity, confronting and witnessing more tragedies.

Reports arrive that despite the apparent stoppage, the train is still moving, slowly, and the upcoming cliff, still crumbling away.

* * *

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