La Comunificadora is back with some new, challenging projects

The third edition of La Comunificadora is already in full activity. Participating projects belong to a wide range of sectors, care, education, tourism, reuse and exchange of objects, tools and services, makers, textile sector, communication or open community networks. The selected initiatives further extend the scope of the Barcelona Activa programme (after the two previous editions in 2016 and 2017)  to promote commons and collaborative economy projects.

Our little grain of sand to OpenCoop 2018

This summer, most of the Free Knowledge Institute team took part in OpenCoop 2018. The vision behind the conference is “of a world in which people and planet come before profit”, of a “generative economy supporting a world of abundance in which common resources are ethically and equitably stewarded for the benefit of all” through “creating new organisations which are member owned and democratically governed so that we, the people, have control over the institutions we rely on”.

OSCEDAYS 2018 in Rome: circular economy for food, videogames, energy and more

Open Source Circular Economy is about reducing waste, and generate value, transforming what is the waste from one product into the input for other products and services. The public invitation to OSCEdays 2018 Rome was for everyone interested to explore if Open Source Circular Economy could be a viable solution for:

Open Source Circular Economy in Rome, here is the programme

Here is the (not 100% definitive yet!) of the "Local,Circular, Exponential" event, already announced here, that will take place on June 9th 2018 in Rome as part of the worldwide OSCE Days (please remember that free but mandatory registration is needed, and that you may share the news also through this Facebook event)

Open Source Circular Economy meeting in Rome

This is the challenge of the meeting named "Locale, Circolare, Esponenziale" (Local, Circular, Exponential) that will take place from 10am to 6pm on June 9th, 2018 in Rome as part of the worldwide "OSCE Days 2018". The meeting is organized by OuiShare Italia, Makesense Roma, Free Knowledge Institute and coworking space Millepiani.

Spring news and announcements!

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  -coming into force- we sent a message to everyone in our mailing list and made the best of it and also sent a few Spring news and announcements! If you want to get regular news about what we do at FKI with a whole bunch of colleagues and friends subscribe to our mailing list 

The new Game of the Economy of the Commons

We introduce to you the new Game of the Economy of the Commons, a card game that allows to understand, in a playful way, the dynamics of this economy which puts the focus on the "sharing" instead of in the transaction and profit-making. This economy is different from that of the market and is articulated around a communal resource and the community that produces it and benefits from it.

The making of the CommonsCloud - technical choices

We discuss how we formed the CommonsCloud project and what key technical decisions we have made so far to set in motion this cooperative cloud platform.

We've recently started a crowdfunding campaign at the Goteo platform, many people are asking how did we start to develop this project. Let's take a dive into where we come from, which free software building blocks we have chosen so far and how they come together. Then we share some ideas for the near future.

CommonsCloud in action!!

Since long that we wanted to start an alternative to the dominant proprietary web platforms, and today FemProcomuns (of which FKI is a founding member) is opening a campaign at the Goteo crowdfunding platform to put into action the CommonsCloud and involve, share and call for support from all people and collectives that share concern for privacy and collective self-organisation of online platforms.

Roll up your sleeves to build smart cities bottom-up

At FKI for long we ask ourselves how can we construct smart cities connecting sensors and actuators to the net in such a way that we advance towards technological sovereignty and social autonomy. We are aware that the Internet of Things can have an important impact and can imply the loss of privacy and autonomy, but we focus on the tremendous opportunities it brings to improving the social wellbeing of all. That’s why we are working with the community to build a global Internet of Things.