Got an extra $25? Head over to Crowd Supply and order 25 plastic dice guaranteed to generate an extremely strong master password. The product is called DiceKeys and is an effort to get people to use complex, strong passwords to protect their online identity and accounts. As the website describes, “DiceKeys are backup security keys with 196 bits of security made of 25 custom dice and a rugged holder, built to last a lifetime. SoloKeys are open-source FIDO2 security keys for two-factor authentication and passwordless login. Put them together and you get a FIDO2 SoloKey key that you can seed from your DiceKey, and replace with a cryptographically-identical should you break it or lose it.”

Even though DiceKeys can provide an extremely secure password, your eyes will go bonkers if you try to “decode” the result instead of using the app. That’s because it’s not just about reading the letters/numbers that are shown on the die. Orientation also has an impact. Wow! For $25 bucks, it sounds like the perfect gift for that special someone that has everything.

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