Lawyers are presented with an unprecedented opportunity to help people—small business owners, consumers, corporations, government agencies and fellow lawyers —find the information they need.

What started as a campaign focused on the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing recovery has expanded to include social justice, voting rights and many other subjects—all due to the volume of information coming from blogging lawyers, nationwide.

#Blog4Good is not about LexBlog.  We’re just tapping into the energy, passion, and desire to help of legal professionals, everywhere.


LexBlog brings nearly two decades of digital publishing software development to bear in providing two connected platforms that will power the movement.

  • Curated syndication Portals that bring together and elevate the views of individual bloggers.
  • A modern mobile-first blog for new LexBlog publishers, one that’s low-cost—free even for members of partnering bar associations—and gets attorneys online and sharing their expertise fast. We call it Twenty by LexBlog.

CEO Kevin O’Keefe lays out a roadmap to the execution of #Blog4Good; the need, the plan, and the action.

Bar Associations such as Illinois, Texas, New York and Arizona have gotten the ball rolling in this execution. LexBlog has already received dozens of inquiries from lawyers looking to blog on niches—on free blogs.

LexBlog is making certain that legal professionals, law firms, and associations have the opportunity to help, no matter their available resources.

Week 1

Develop and launch modern mobile-first blog for new LexBlog bloggers. (Free member benefit to association member lawyers)
Portal Planning.

Week 2

Begin build out of a national portal system.

This will include 7 states: California, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Week 3

Continue build out of national portal system.

Adding Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, and New Jersey.

Begin contacting associations and groups to connect them to their portal.
Contact existing portals to discuss how they can use their portal more effectively in response to the pandemic.

This includes, Arizona, Illinois, New York, Texas, and Wisconsin.  They are marked with stripes above.

Offer a LexBlog20 blog to any lawyer interested in a COVID-19 blog.
Begin offering COVID-19 blogging strategy calls.

Week 4

Continue build out of national portal system.

Adding Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Massachusetts. and Washington

Add a LexBlog Twenty page to with details and ability to signup.

Week 5

Continue build out of national portal system.

Adding Alabama. Maryland. Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Week 6

Continue build out of national portal system.

Adding Delaware, Iowa, Kentucky, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

Launch our first LexBlog20 blogs.

Week 7

Continue build out of national portal system.

Adding Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Utah.

Week 8

Continue build out of national portal system.

Adding Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, Washington D.C. and Wyoming.