Whether you’ve got a deadline coming up (Happy Birthday, by the way!), or you’re just using the summer slowdown to catch up on some credits, you have a lot of great choices for CLE to complete your requirement. As an accredited provider in NY, all of Lawline’s live webcasts and on-demand programs are available as part of your unlimited subscription. To steer you in the right direction, check out the top five CLE programs your New York colleagues have been watching this summer!

  • Force Majeure and Other Defenses to Contract Performance During the Covid-19 Pandemic.  This timely program examines the enforceability of force majeure clauses and other contract defenses to excuse performance impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Plus, for lawyers drafting new contracts, you will learn how to draft force majeure language in a world where our “new normal” means that a global pandemic may be treated as foreseeable. 
  • 20 Practice Tips to Wow Your SmallBiz Clients. Small businesses comprise 99% of the American workforce. That means it’s critical for attorneys to understand the unique challenges small businesses face, and the breadth of issues for which they’re likely to seek legal counsel. From entity selection to accounting matters to staffing structure, you’ll learn the primary laws and regulations governing business operations. This course will help you “wow” your smallbiz clients and get you thinking about how to develop your own legal niche along the way.
  • “Virtual Currency” in a Real Tax World: Tax Implications for Buying, Selling, and Using Virtual Currencies. The rise in popularity of virtual currency such as Bitcoin has invited increased IRS scrutiny of taxpayers that engage in these types of virtual transactions. This program offers tax advisors advice on how to address the various guidance on virtual currency that has been issued by the IRS in order to best guide their clients. 
  • 2020 Employment Law Update. This comprehensive caselaw update reviews recent holdings in rapidly evolving areas areas in employment law, including pay equity, sexual harassment prevention, and medical and recreational marijuana. This short bite of CLE will fast track your legal research and help you advise clients more effectively and efficiently. 
  • A Great Lawyer Must Be a Great Negotiator: Skills for You to Be the Best Negotiator in the Room. Brush up on your negotiating skills with this program, which walks practitioners through successfully approaching a negotiation, listening during a negotiation, and incorporating technology to further the negotiation process

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