WSAJ presents awards to recognize consumer activists, journalists, legislators, judges and lawyers. All nominations are welcome and will be considered by the WSAJ Awards Committee. 

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Awards Information and Recipients:


Tom Chambers Trial Lawyer of the Year
A lawyer who advances the art and skill of advocacy, either in trial or by training others so as to benefit humankind.

2019 Felix G. Luna

 Past Recipients

2018 Lincoln C. Beauregard
2017 David Beninger
2016 Mike Wampold
2015 Darrell Cochran
2014 Ralph J. Brindley
2013 Richard H. Friedman
2012 Blaine L. Tamaki
2011 Ron J. Perey
2010 Mark Kamitomo
2009 Mark Leemon
2008 Rebecca J. Roe
2007 Victoria Vreeland
2006 John Budlong
2005 Karen K. Koehler
2004 Todd W. Gardner
2003 Roger Felice
2002 Patrick H. LePley
2001 Wiliam J. (Jay) Flynn, Jr.
2000 John Robert (Jack) Connelly, Jr.
1999 Jan Eric Peterson
1999 Fred M. Zeder
1998 James S. Rogers
1997 Janet L. Rice
1996 J. Murray Kleist
1995 Richard C. Eymann
1994 Keith L. Kessler
1993 Leonard W. Schroeter
1992 Robert H. Whaley
1991 William S. Bailey
1991 Elaine Houghton
1990 Michael E. Withey
1989 Tom Chambers
1988 H. Frank Stubbs
1987 Paul Stritmatter
1986 Lembhard G. Howell
1985 Paul N. Luvera
1984 Daniel F. Sullivan
1983 J. (Jack) Sullivan
1979 John L. Messina
1978 Gerald Bangs

Judge of the Year
A judge, who through the exercise of outstanding judicial ruling or leadership, promotes our civil justice system to serve the people.

2019 Hon. Ricardo Martinez

 Past Recipients

2017 Hon. Barbara Rothstein
2017 Hon. Andrea Darvas
2016 Hon. Theresa Doyle
2015 Hon. Susan Cook

2014 Hon. Mary Yu

2013 Hon. Thomas McPhee
2012 Hon. Tom Chambers
2011 Hon. Richard McDermott
2010 Hon. James R. Orlando
2009 Hon. John M. Meyer
2009 Hon. Robert H. Whaley
2008 Hon. Rosanne Buckner
2007 Hon. John Bridges
2006 Hon. Barbara Johnson
2005 Hon. William Downing
2004 Hon. Richard Jones
2003 Hon. Jack Nevin
2002 Hon. Craig Matheson
2001 Hon. Robert H. Alsdorf
2001 Hon. Stephen J. Dwyer
2000 Hon. Deborah Fleck
2000 Hon. James Ladley
2000 Hon. Peter Nault
1999 Hon. Philip Talmadge
1999 Hon. Evan E. Sperline
1999 Hon. Robert E. McBeth
1998 Hon. Mary Ann Ottinger
1998 Hon. Robert Lasnik
1998 Hon. Dennis Sweeney
1996 Hon. Charles W. Johnson
1995 Hon. Robert W. Bryan
1994 Hon. William Dwyer
1993 Hon. Duane E. Taber
1992 Hon. Anne L. Ellington
1991 Hon. Faith Enyeart Ireland
1990 Hon. Barbara Rothstein
1989 Hon. Robert F. Utter
1988 Hon. Robert F. Brachtenbach
1987 Hon. Rosselle Pekelis
1984 Hon. Gerard M. Shellan
1983 Hon. George Shields
1982 Hon. Ray Nichols
1982 Hon. Bob McNichols
1981 Hon. Keith M. Callow
1978 Hon. Willard J. Roe
1977 Washington Supreme Court
1976 Hon. Stanley C. Soderland

The President’s Award 

2018 Rebecca J. Roe

 Past Recipients

2017 Jay Causey
2016 Ann Rosato
2015 Larry A. Moran
2014 Teri L. Rideout
2012 Governor Chris Gregoire
2011 Kathryn C. Comfort
2010 Stephen L. Bulzomi
2009 Paul N. Luvera
2008 Patrick H. LePley
2007 Brad Fulton
2006 Joel Cunningham
2006 Ron Ward
2005 Morris H. Rosenberg
2004 Judith A. Lonnquist
2003 Karen K. Koehler
2002 Janet L. Rice
2002 James S. Rogers
2001 Steven G. Toole
2000 John Budlong
1999 Laura L. Jaeger
1998 Cheryl Robbins Berg
1997 Larry Shannon
1996 Edward A. Dawson
1995 James L. Sellers
1994 Maria S. Diamond
1993 Tom Chambers
1993 Aaby, Putnam, Albo & Causey
1992 Eugene M. Moen
1992 Philip G. Arnold
1991 Mary Ann Ottinger
1990 Gerhard Letzing
1990 Michael Temple
1989 Gary N. Bloom
1988 Judith Proller
1987 David Middaugh
1986 Alvin Anderson
1985 Bryan Harnetiaux
1985 Robert Whaley
1985 Gordon A. Woodley
1984 Earl Angevine
1983 John D. Aaby
1982 Paul Stritmatter
1981 Ronald J. Bland
1980 A. Duane Lund
1979 H. Frank Stubbs
1979 Frank August Peters
1979 John A. Hoglund
1979 Jan Eric Peterson
1978 Gregg L. Tinker
1977 Daniel F. Sullivan
1976 Lawrence L. Shafer
1976 Donald L. Curran
1976 Ted Peterson

A lawyer who, by conduct and leadership, promotes professionalism and brings dignity and pride to the legal profession by promoting civility, courtesy and honor among lawyers.

2019 Francisco A. Duarte

 Past Recipients

2018 Kristina L. J. McKennon
2017 Amie Peters
2016 Bill Reinig
2015 Maria Diamond
2015 J.D.Smith
2014 Mark D. Kamitomo
2013 Harold D. Carr
2012 Patricia K. Greenstreet
2011 John J. Durkin
2010 Stephen M. Moriarty
2009 Terri Herring-Puz
2008 Nicholas F. Corning
2007 William McGonagle
2006 Mike McKasy
2005 Donald L. Jacobs
2004 Jean Magladry
2003 Virginia L. DeCosta
2002 Andrea A. Darvas
2001 Randolph I. Gordon
2000 Christopher M. Eagan
1999 Eugene M. Moen
1996 Howard P. Pruzan
1994 J. Donald Curran

Excellence in Journalism
A journalist or reporting organization (traditional or new media) whose reporting, commentary or editorial furthers the public understanding of the law and encourages the protection of consumers, injured people, and the civil justice system.

2019 Hal Bernton - The Seattle Times

 Past Recipients

2018 Sean Robinson - The News Tribune
2017 Mike Baker - The Seattle Times
2016 Austin Jenkins - Northwest News Network
2015 Tonya Mosely - The Stranger
2014 Emily Shugerman - Occidental Weekly

2013 Jesse Jones - KING 5 Get Jesse
2012 Linda Byron - KING 5 Investigators
2011 Susan Saladoff - Hot Coffee Producer/Director
2010 Michael J. Berens - The Seattle Times
2009 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
2008 Drew Griffin & Kathleen Johnston - CNN
2007 Danny Westneat - The Seattle Times
2006 David Horsey - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
2005 Susannah Frame - KING 5
2004 Maureen O'Hagan - The Seattle Times
2004 Christine Willmsen - The Seattle Times
2003 Candace Heckman - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
2002 Sarah Duran - The News Tribune
2001 Andrew Schneider - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
2001 Carol Smith - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
2000 Duane Pohlman - KING 5

Gerhard Letzing Public Justice Award
An individual or organization whose efforts, courage, litigation or innovative work results in the creation of a more just society.

2019 Civil Survival

 Past Recipients

2018 Mary Ellen Stone, King County Sexual Assault Resource Center
2017 Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
2016 Tom Foulds
2016 Tom Carpenter
2016 Dick Eymann
2015 Kerri Feeney
2014 Northwest Justice Project
2013 Carol L. Hepburn
2012 OneAmerica - formerly Hate Free Zone
2011 H. Douglas Spruance III
2010 Jo-Hanna Read
2009 Joyce Taylor & Alec Douglas - citizen activists
2008 William D. Marler
2007 Dean Kellye Testy, Seattle University School of Law
2006 Farm Workers Pesticide Project (FWPP) & Executive Director, Carol Dansereau
2005 Northwest Women's Law Center
2004 Washington Citizen Action
2003 Jim Sheehan - Center for Justice Spokane
2002 Northwest Labor & Employment Law Offices
2001 Terry J. Barnett
2000 Bendich, Stobaugh & Strong
1998 Jim Hailey & Randy Gordon
1997 Fred Diamondstone

Alvin Anderson
A person who exhibits extraordinary energy, effort and commitment in helping generate the economic resources necessary to enable WSAJ to promote and preserve the civil justice system.

2017 Jim Holman

 Past Recipients

2016 Katherine Mason
2015 Brad Fulton
2014 Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala
2012 Blaine L. Tamaki
2011 The Walthew Law Firm
2010 John R. Connelly, Jr.
2009 Ron J. Perey
2008 Maria S. Diamond
2007 Wayne Lieb
2006 Stritmatter Kessler Whelan Withey Coluccio
2006 Suone Cotner
2005 Steven G. Toole
2004 Laurel Smith
2003 Louie V. Delorie, Jr.
2002 Rodney B. Ray
2001 Deborah Nelson Willis
2000 Paul L. Stritmatter
1999 Roger A. Felice
1998 Terry P. Abeyta
1997 Donald L. Jacobs
1996 H. Frank Stubbs
1995 Jeffrey J. Donchez
1994 Tom Chambers
1993 Robert K. Dawson

Carl Maxey
A WSAJ member who has demonstrated a sustained commitment to diversity in the legal profession by: 

  1. Making efforts to increase and maintain diversity in the profession (individually or by participation in local or national bar association programs) by mentoring high school students, college students and/or law students to assist them in their goals of becoming attorneys;
  2. Making efforts to increase and maintain diversity in WSAJ by encouraging attorneys of diverse backgrounds to become WSAJ members;
  3. Working to educate WSAJ members and the legal community as a whole about assumptions both that affect the practice of law and that are based on societal stereotypes of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age, or disability;
  4. Hiring, retaining and/or promoting minority attorneys within their firm;
  5. Making extraordinary efforts to promote and maintain diversity within their firm;
  6. Representing those who challenge discriminatory practices based upon gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age, or disability; or
  7. Making extraordinary efforts to promote the goals and programs of WSAJ to increase diversity at all levels of the organization.

2019 William L. Dixon V

 Past Recipients

2018 Timothy K. Ford

2017 Dominic L. Bacetich
2016 Sergio Garcidueñas-Sease
2015 Jeffery Robinson
2014 M. Lorena González

2013 Vonda M. Sargent
2012 Hardeep S. Rekhi
2010 Hon. Faith Ireland, retired
2009 Ronald R. Ward
2008 Yvonne Kinoshita Ward
2007 Lori S. Haskell
2006 Lembhard G. Howell
2005 Janet L. Rice

New Lawyer Award “Ready to Soar”

A WSAJ member in practice less than five (5) years who has demonstrated excellence and professionalism in the legal practice, made a substantial contribution to the community, and advanced the mission of WSAJ. This award seeks to acknowledge the achievements and contributions of an active WSAJ member who has been in practice less than five years. The recipient should have demonstrated excellence and professionalism in their legal practice with:

  1. Substantial contribution to the community and/or the public good in general, and
  2. Substantial contributions to the advancement of the mission of the Washington State Association for Justice to “protect and promote a fair justice system and the right to trial by jury, and to ensure that any person who is harmed by the misconduct or negligence of others can obtain justice in America’s courtrooms, even in actions against the most powerful interests”; and/or
  3. Substantial contributions to the advancement of individual/private rights, including, but not limited to, rights asserted in disputes involving personal injury, property rights, employment rights, civil rights, consumer protection, etc.

2019 Mercedes M. Donchez
2019 John C. Hardie

 Past Recipients

2018 Meaghan Driscoll
2017 Ada Ko wong
2016 Colleen Durkin Peterson
2016 Omar Nur
2015 Jessica Holman Duthie
2015 Gemma Zanowski
2014 David Abeyta
2014 Tyler Goldberg-Hoss
2013 Crystal Jo McDonald
2012 Roxanne N. Eberle
2012 Nathan P. Roberts
2011 Amie Peters
2010 Angela Macey-Cushman
2009 Kristi McKennon
2008 Tara L. Eubanks

Pillar of Justice
A person, persons or organization who has made superior, extraordinary contributions or achievements to advance the mission of WSAJ through representation of injured persons, participation in legislative efforts, development of case law, or raising awareness of the civil justice system and the right to jury trial. This award is not presented every year. 

2019 Suone Cotner

 Past Recipients

2017 Wayne Lieb

2016 John Budlong
2014 Paul N. Luvera
2013 Lembhard G. Howell
2012 Hon. Oliver E. Diaz, Jr.
2011 C. Steven Fury
2011 Judith A. Lonnquist
2010 Robert K. Dawson
2009 Linda Lipsen, AAJ Vice President Public Affairs
2007 Bryan Harnetiaux
2006 Larry Shannon
2006 Gerhard Letzing

Legislator of the Year
A lawmaker who by conduct and leadership, promotes the civil justice system to serve all people.

2019 Sen. Jamie Pedersen
2019 Speaker-Designate Laurie Jinkins

 Past Recipients

2004 Rep. Lynn Kessler
2003 Rep. Patricia Lantz
2001 Rep. Ida Ballasiotes
2001 Sen. Adam Kline
1999 Rep. Dow Constantine
1999 Rep. Tom Campbell
1997 Sen. Shirley Winsley
1997 Sen. Pam Roach
1996 Sen. Dwight Pelz
1995 Rep. Mike Padden
1994 Sen. Margarita Prentice
1993 Sen. Adam Smith
1992 Sen. Marc Gaspard
1991 Rep. Dennis A. Dellwo
1990 Rep. Ron Meyers
1989 Rep. Marlin J. Appelwick
1988 Rep. Joseph E. King
1987 Sen. Patrick McMullen
1985 Sen. Rick Bender
1984 Rep. Gene Lux
1983 Sen. Phil Talmadge
1982 Sen. Ted Bottiger
1981 Rep. Marion Kyle Sherman
1980 Rep. Rick Smith
1980 Rep. Daniel G. Marsh
1979 Sen. Gordon L. Walgren
1978 Sen. Peter D. Francis
1976 Sen. Walt O. Knowles

Public Official of the Year
A public official whose efforts, courage and work advances the rights of injured person, consumers or employees, and champions the civil justice system and right to trial by jury.

2016 Attorney General Bob Ferguson

 Past Recipients

2014 Andy Miller
2012 Washington State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler