Downeast - District 7


  • Covers Hancock and Washington Counties
  • District Characteristics
    • 85,636 people (Census 2008 estimate) 20.6 persons per square mile (Census 2008 estimate)
    • 2 county governments: Hancock and Washington Counties
    • 83 municipalities (incorporated local governments) including a city, towns and plantations. Unincorporated or unorganized townships (TWP) are a recognized part of the District. A township (TWP} is officially served by the Maine CDC and may be served by the local health officer of an adjacent town.
    • Some towns or villages are ocean island communities
    • Tribal Nation: Passamaquoddy Tribe of Maine, of Indian Township and at Pleasant Point
  • Maine CDC District Contact
  • Alfred May, Jr., MPH
    • Downeast District Public Health Liaison
      Maine CDC
      38 Prescott Drive
      Machias, ME  04654
      (207) 255-2017 (office)
      (207) 263-4975 (cell)
      (207) 255-2022 (fax)
  • Health Data and Information