The COVID-19 lockdown and subsequent reopening scheduled have raised the bar on restaurant cleanliness, especially hand cleanliness.
Operators are filling their entryways with hand sanitizer dispensers as one might expect following all the public briefings by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
 But there is also unexpected use of technology that even the CDC hadn’t thought about. Crushed Red, in their seven restaurants, assures customers that prep-line handwashing is a verified reality, even for restroom hand washes.
Please wash vs. Thank you for washing
Some restaurants facing reopening will be replacing their restroom mirror handwashing reminders with fresh signage. Crushed Red, thanks to Voice Recognition technology, has data rather than an aspirational plea.
Customer trust is the simple outcome of a well-conducted symphony. When it comes to the handwashing factor, data is the maestro, according to concept founder, Chris LaRocca. “We replace hope they wash with know they wash. Data gives us facts which further drive staff motivation and professionalization.”
The Crushed Red employees find this paperless logging of handwashing convenient and even motivating. First, their name appears in a window on the voice recognition box, attached to the soap dispenser. Then, via realtime reports, their compliance to the handwashing policy is confirmed. Their personal performance becomes a link in the chain of teamsmanship success.
Each employee knows their WIN, their individual Wash Index Number, MyWIN. They also know the OurWIN factor which is a team measurement by shift.
— Jim Mann,
Handwashing for Life Institute

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