Photo of Jim Mann

Jim Mann is the founder and Executive Director of the Handwashing For Life® Institute and The Handwashing Leadership Forum®. His work to reduce the risk of foodborne and person-to-person illness spans a career from deli and cafeteria experience to work as a product development chemist. He formulated leading brands in skin care, surface disinfection, pest control, foodservice and healthcare sanitizing systems. His work has been as global as the war on virus and bacteria, working on six continents while living in three. Jim’s latest addition to the industry’s Best Practices is the "Hands-On System". This integrated process control for hand hygiene is enjoying documented success in foodservice, healthcare and schools across the USA, Canada, South Africa and the UK. Jim was honored as a recipient of NSF's prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.

Editor’s note: Jim Mann, founder and chief scientific officer for the Handwashing For Life Institute, will be at Booth 136 at the Food Safety Summit, May 6-9, at Rosemont Convention Center in suburban Chicago.


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