Photo of Jim Prevor

Jim Prevor is a leader in understanding and assessing the state of the perishable food industries. The founder and editor-in-chief of both PRODUCE BUSINESS and DELI BUSINESS magazines, he spearheaded the purchase and repositioning of AMERICAN FOOD AND AG EXPORTER magazine and FOOD DISTRIBUTION MAGAZINE and launched The Retail Institute, The International Prepared Foods Conference and Exposition and was a founding partner in the launch of both the Institute for Produce Entrepreneurs, designed to help family businesses, and Perishable Solutions, a consultancy specializing in bringing strategic thinking to the fast-moving business of perishables. Prevor's writing has been recognized in more than 100 editorial awards, including the American Business Media's Jesse H. Neal Award and the American Society of Business Press Editors Azbee Award for excellence in editorial, commentary and opinion journalism. His Internet blog is Perishable Pundit.