Photo of Jill Richardson

Jill Richardson's roots as a food activist began when she graduated college. Since then, Jill has embarked on a journey that took her across America and united her with a growing movement of sustainable food activists. The sustainable food movement is unlike other, related movements because it views the food system as a whole and seeks holistic solutions in which everybody wins together (rather than advocating for a single issue like hunger, environmentalism, or animal rights without regard to the rest of the food system). Because food is not yet widely viewed as a political issue and because would-be food activists do not have a readily available source of information about current political issues that they can take action on, Jill founded a blog called La Vida Locavore and she wrote Recipe for America: Why Our Food System is Broken and What We Can Do to Fix It. The book aims to give readers an overview of the problems in our solution, plus a vision of what a sustainable food system would look like from the soil on up, and then provide specific policy recommendations that are timely and possible to achieve now. Because policies and politics change every day, Jill updates her blog frequently, telling readers how they can get involved in the latest issues, including those described in the book (as well as new issues that arose after her book's publication). Recipe for America is Jill's first book. She lives with her three cats in San Diego, CA.