Photo of Sandra McCurdy, Ph.D.

Dr. Sandy McCurdy is Extension Food Safety Specialist and Associate Professor in the School of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Idaho, Moscow, ID. Her outreach and research programs target food safety for consumers and food service workers. Before joining the University of Idaho, she was a Project Leader and Senior Food Scientist at the POS Corporation in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada for 15 years. POS is a contract research company serving the food and feed industries with pilot scale process development and custom processing. While at POS, Sandy conducted over 90 research projects for food and feed companies and government agencies. Her projects primarily targeted the development of improving processing techniques for protein containing materials. Dr. McCurdy has a Bachelor's degree in Home Economics with an emphasis in Foods and Nutrition and Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Food Science. All of her education was obtained at Washington State University, where she taught foods and nutrition and food science classes and conducted research in the areas of effects of feeding regime on beef flavor and on quality characteristics of legumes.